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Onkyo 414 | Onkyo TX NR 414





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Watts Per Channel: 80
Number of Channels: 5.1
Number of HDMI Ports: 6
THX Certified: No
3D Ready: Yes
Airplay Support: No
2 Zone: Yes
Ethernet: Yes - Zone 2 Line Out

With the Onkyo 414, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Onkyo manages to incorporate a lot of fantastic features in an affordable package. The 6 HDMI ports give you great connectivity options. The only real drawback to the 414 is its lack of Airplay support.

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Onkyo 414 Review -

Onkyo has done a great job producing affordable great sounding AV receivers over the years. The Onkyo 414 is no exception. The Onkyo TX 414 offers plenty of power for most home theater rooms (80 watts per channel) and also incorporates many convenient features that home theater owners are coming to expect from their AV receivers today.



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Onkyo 414 Appearance

Onkyo 414 | Onkyo TX NR414

Now if you’re looking for a sleek sexy looking AV receiver then I’m going to tell you right now to look somewhere else. The Onkyo 414 favors function over form. This isn’t to say that it’s ugly, but it definitely wouldn’t win a beauty contest. Like most of Onkyo’s home theater receivers the Onkyo TX 414 is basically just a rectangular black box. It has a matte finished front with a nice and well organized button layout on the front panel. The front display is simple and shows you the typical info you’d expect from a AV receiver (e.g. listening mode, source etc..)



Onkyo 414 | Onkyo TX NR414 Rear

What the Onkyo 414 lacks in attractiveness, it makes up for in connectivity. It has a surprisingly abundant array of connections for a mid-range receiver at this price point. It has 6  HDMI- 3D ready inputs and 1 output, 2 digital audio inputs, 5 composite and 2 component inputs. The Onkyo TX 414 also throws a convenient USB port on the front which is excellent for connecting your iPOD or iPAD to. It also has a zone 2 line out which is a nice feature if you’re looking for a receiver that offers zone 2 functionality. Like most of the AV receivers on the market today, the 414 also has a built-in ethernet connection so that you can easily get your AV receiver on your home network.



Onkyo 414 Features

So what’s the big deal about network connectivity? Well, as we all know this is a connected society we live in today. More and more devices in our homes need to talk to each other in some shape or form. The new AV receivers are no exception. With the built in ethernet connection, the Onkyo 414 becomes a basic media server. You can stream internet radio to the Onkyo TX NR 414 thru services such as Pandora®, Slacker™, SIRIUS XM®, Last.fm, vTuner, Rhapsody, Spotify, and AUPEO. The 414 is also DLNA compliant so that means it can communicate with other DLNA compliant devices on your network such as your PC.  However, it does not offer Airplay support which is disappointing since some of it’s competitors like the Yamaha RX v473 do offer it. The Onkyo TX NR 414 also comes wireless ready, however it does not have WiFi built-in. Onkyo sells a separate dongle (Onkyo UWF-1) that you can use to operate the wireless functions. As far as audio formats, the 414 supports most of the major HD audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio

Onkyo also offers a downloadable app which is available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices which allows you to control some of the basic functionality of the receiver such as volume and audio settings. If you’ve used Onkyo devices in the past then you know how plain and boring their on screen displays have been. The Onkyo 414 has an updated on-screen display that’s a few steps above what Onkyo’s offered in the past which makes navigating the settings on the Onkyo TX NR 414 a little easier.

What does the Onkyo 414 Lack? Well, one of the features missing from the 414 is HDMI Video Upscaling as well as Upconversion. The latter may not be a deal breaker for most people though since many av sources now a days are HD so upconversion isn’t as widely needed as it once was.



The Onkyo 414 offers a lot of bang for your buck. While it does lack built in WiFi, Upscaling and Upconversion, it also offers 6 HDMI 3D ready inputs. The built in ethernet connection makes it a dumbed down media server which allows you to stream internet radio thru the receiver. The one addition that really would have been nice is Airplay functionality. Especially since many of the Onkyo TX 414′s competitors in this price range offer it. However, at this price point you do get an AV receiver that offers the same great sound quality that Onkyo’s been known for over the years.

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